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What to expect during your appointments

Mother and Daughter

Initial Session (60 minutes)

During your initial appointment, we will discuss all aspects of your lifestyle that contribute to your overall health. This includes your medical history, current and past eating habits, and lifestyle.

While we may discuss initial goals and strategies to reach these goals, the initial session is primarily dedicated to information gathering. This will allow me to provide the most personalized recommendations for your family.

During this session, we will aim to set short-term and long-term  goals based on your unique needs. We will then schedule one or more follow-up visits to work toward achieving these goals.

Follow-Up Sessions (30-60 mins)

We always start with what went well since our last session! We want to celebrate your progress toward your health goals.


We will then move into which aspects of your goals were a struggle. We will then discuss adjustments needed to help you reach your goals. We may also add new goals or tweak existing goals as needed. We will discuss real-life strategies to make your goals a reality.

Family Meal
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